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Senior portrait photography with TC Rick Photo

A while back, I split my sports photography off to a new website called tcricksports.com. You are on that site now. At that time I also announced that I would be updating my original site, tcrickphoto.com, to concentrate on my event and portrait business.

Worth Waiting For

It has taken longer than I had hoped, but that site is now up and running, ready for those who want to explore that part of my business which specializes in high school senior pictures and special family events such as birthdays, anniversaries, open houses, and reunions.

Getting to the Right Place

So, in summary, if you are interested in my sports photography, i.e. game action photography, team and individual portraits, and personal sports photos you should continue to go to tcricksports.com.

If you are more interested in my event and portrait services, including senior pictures and family event photography, then you should go to tcrickphoto.com.

There are links on each site to the other to make going back and forth easier for you.

All my blog posts will occur on here, tcricksports.com.

Family event photography with TC Rick Photo


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