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A Day in the Life of a Sports Photographer

TC Central player drives the lane in a win over Marquette

It's been awhile since I've written here and it's not because I'm lazy or don't have the desire. It is just difficult to find the time. As an example I thought I would share a recent day in my life as a sports photographer.

Friday, December 14

8:00 am - I get up, eat breakfast, read the paper, shave, shower and get dressed

10:30 am - I deliver an order of frames and pictures for the hallways of East and West Middle Schools

11:15 am - I check my email, respond where necessary and process the rest for later action

12:00 pm - I eat lunch and watch an online webinar

1:00 pm - I catch up on wrapping Christmas presents that I have been putting off

3:00 pm - I eat a quick sandwich to hold me until I get home later tonight

3:30 pm - I leave for an evening of photographing basketball games at TC Central High School

4:00 pm - I alternate between the main and auxiliary gyms, shooting both girls' and boys' freshmen games

5:30 pm - I again alternate between the gyms for the boys' varsity and girls' JV games

7:00 pm - This time I go between the gyms for the boys' JV and girls' varsity games

9:15 pm - I arrive home, grab a quick bite and begin culling and editing the 400+ pictures I have taken during the six games

11:30 pm - I choose pictures for posting to my website and Facebook.

12:45 pm - I go to bed after completing about half of the processing work from the evening's games. I will finish the rest on Saturday morning before heading over to TC West High School to begin six more games starting at noon.

Game winning shot for TC Central freshmen against Marquette

While this is an extreme example of how busy I am during a sports season (most nights it is only 3 games, not 6), it does point out what it takes to provide the photos I do for publication. My goal is always to have pictures from an athletic event available for viewing and purchase no later than 24 hours after the completion of the event and sometimes it takes burning the midnight oil to accomplish that. This is why I generally don't start to work before 10:00 am most days but still manage to get in 10-12 hour work days.

I hope to write here more often, but now you may have a better understanding of why I am not always able to do that.

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