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Labels are Limiting

The labels that society places on us or we place on ourselves are limiting. Because I was never very good at drawing, coloring, or art projects in school I never considered myself to be "artistic" or "creative" and didn't enjoy those pursuits. I was miserable in required art and shop classes in middle school and only got passing grades because I was a good learner and test taker - the projects not so much. So because I was good at math and science I considered myself a "left brainer" and excelled at those types of activities, eventually enjoying a 30 year career in information technology.

Flash forward many years and I was looking for a hobby to occupy my retirement time. I had done the usual snapshots of kids, holidays, and family vacations but didn't really know anything about photography. I couldn't have told you the difference between an f-stop and a bus stop. But digital photography was just beginning to catch on and because I was a "techie", I thought I might give it a try.

Well, suffice it to say I found my passion. It was fascinating to learn about all the technical aspects of the craft and my creative talents, long dormant due to the labels I had placed on myself, blossomed. With study and practice I continued to improve and have become a good photographer. Because of my past involvement in sports at many different levels, sports photography became my niche, first as just a way to add enjoyment to attending games and then as a business when others began to appreciate my work.

So now I spend as many hours honing my creative skills as a sports photographer as I once did in my career, and actually enjoy it more. I know eventually I will have to slow down, but I see no evidence of that happening anytime soon. So remember the next time someone labels you, or even worse you label yourself, that those labels don't have to define you unless you let them. Cast off the limits of labels and become what you want to become.

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