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A Senior Moment

In about an hour I'll be on my way to the next-to-last senior picture session I have scheduled for this year. I've been doing portraits for seniors since the class of 2013 as an adjunct to my sports photography business. I only do a limited number each year, mostly for athletes that I have gotten to know during their athletic careers at local schools. I have shot at many different locations, from the client's house to Sleeping Bear Dunes to local athletic fields. I have had clients from six local schools and two out of state schools (it's a long story).

I've had a good mix between girls and boys and the experience is definitely different. The girls are more into it than the boys. I sometimes think that most of the boys would skip the whole event if not for their parents, while the girls (most of them anyway) are concerned about hair and makeup, outfits, locations and props.

The favorite part of the session for me is always talking with the senior. It is fun to see how happy they are to be a senior and how much they look forward to being through with school. I can remember the same feelings when I was their age. The few of them I don't already know, I try to put at ease by getting them to talk about themselves - their favorite classes, what their plans are for after graduation, if they have siblings, pets, etc.

I have done this long enough now that I have been getting younger siblings of previous seniors. That is always nice because I can find out how the older siblings are doing. It also tells me that I must be doing something right to get repeat customers.

I don't really market for the senior portrait business and many people know me only for my sports photography and that is fine. I do this part mostly for fun and to fill up the slower part of my year during the summer when high schools are out. Lately, I seem to get more requests as the deadline for the yearbook approaches in the fall.

Well, it's just about time to leave for another session so I'll wrap this up. I will do this once more again next week and then finish another senior picture season.

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