• Rick Sack

More or Less

It is the proverbial time of the year for resolutions. In the past, I have not been much for making (or keeping) new year's resolutions, but this year a confluence of aging and a recent event has me rethinking my stance.

Recently I was reminded of a line from an old Joni Mitchell song, Big Yellow Taxi - "Don't it always seem to go, you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone, they paved paradise and put up a parking lot". While I worry about excess economic development in our little paradise of northern Michigan, what really got me thinking was health.

In preparation for an upcoming trip out of the country to celebrate a milestone anniversary, my wife and I have been updating all our vaccinations, including the shingles series of two shots over eight weeks. I had a very slight reaction to my first shot in September, but nothing that affected my daily activity - mostly just a slight "out of sorts" feeling. When I went in to get my second shot the day after Christmas, the nurse assured me that any reaction would be the same or less than the first. WRONG!!

The incident, while minor in the large scale of things, got me thinking about aging and health. There are three health-related habits that I have been neglecting in the past few years - sleep, diet, and exercise. I need to sleep more, eat less (and healthier), and exercise more. I have let the hectic schedule I keep as a sports photographer be an excuse for neglecting these crucial habits.

So this year I am resolving to replace my bad habits with better ones - getting at least seven hours of sleep every night, getting at least 30 minutes of sustained exercise four or more times per week, and eating healthier food on a more regular schedule. It will be a challenge - wish me luck.


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