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When I decided to turn my photography hobby into a business in 2011, I knew I would need to find a niche in which I could specialize to stand out from the crowd. It was not a difficult task - I have loved sports all my life, especially high school sports - so I chose to be a sports photographer.


My Mission


My mission is to support and celebrate athletic programs in the Traverse City and northern Michigan area by providing high-quality image based products and services for schools, teams, athletes,  families, and fans that help preserve the memories of participation in those programs.


Ever Feel Like This?


Have you ever been frustrated trying to take pictures of your kids' or grandkids' sporting events because you are trying both to get good images and enjoy the game but you end up accomplishing neither? Taking good action pictures requires skill, good (expensive) equipment, and concentration. You may not have the proper equipment or haven't yet mastered the skill. And concentration is difficult when you are invested in the emotional impact and excitement of watching your favorite athlete - your child or grandchild.


How I Can Help


My goal is to allow you to enjoy the intense action of a game without worrying about the pictures knowing you will have access to professional sports photography for saving the memories of the event. In addition to the action on the field, you want mementos of the teams on which your athlete participated. Because many of the team and individual sports portraits  available are unimaginative or have a cookie-cutter sameness to them, I offer more creative options.


Preserve Your Memories


I provide unique, fun products to preserve the valuable memories of the athlete's team and the teammates with whom they share these special times. So whether it is a sports portrait , the sentiment of a homecoming football game, the intensity of a showdown game or just classic sports action between rivals, you can find it with TC Rick Sports, the best choice for Traverse City and northern Michigan sports photography.


How It Works


There are several ways for you to enjoy the professional sports photography of TC Rick Sports. On dates I am not booked, I frequently attend events in the Traverse City and northern Michigan area to photograph teams on an ad hoc basis and post pictures from that event in my galleries of Northern Michigan game action photos  for viewing and purchase. So you can wait for me to show up at one of your games and hope I catch your athlete in action.


There is, however, a better way to ensure that your athlete or team gets "in the picture". You can hire me to cover a specific athlete or team for an event on an exclusive basis.  This ensures that you receive maximum exposure for your athlete or team and have wonderful, professional pictures of the event.  Find out more about this special, unique sporting events photography service here.

As a Coach for Traverse City Central Girls Basketball I have gotten the chance to get to know Rick over the last 5 years. He has given hundreds of hours to our program over the years and we have incredible action shots, team books, and videos of our seasons.  True passion for his work and it shows within his incredible photos!!

Sara D.


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