Team & Individual Sports Portraits

A New Look for Tradional Pictures

The pre-season picture day is as much a part of the experience of team sports as tryouts and usually follows closely. There are a few things that make picture day and the resulting products unique at TC Rick Sports Photography. 


First of all the ordering process is much more efficient. You simply fill out an online form and pay with your credit card over a secure, encrypted connection. Thus there are no paper forms or money to lose or forget on picture day. And because there is no money to collect on picture day, we can concentrate on simply taking the photos which significantly speeds up the process and minimizes the disruption of practice.


Not only do the athletes and families get unique products and choices, but coaches get free 8x10 photos of their team as well as a free team banner to hang at venues when they play.


Turnaround time is super fast too. Coaches typically receive photos back, packaged in individual envelopes for each athlete, within 10-14 days of picture day, often sooner. 


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